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My brother just reminded me it’s Christmas.

Or Christmas Eve. 
Or whatever.
I don’t really care much for holidays once more.
I find them childish. Plain. Boring.
We have to create “special” days to act more polite or happy to each other.
And New Years is just around the corner. Hooray! We celebrate the last seconds of another year!

I can assure you, I’ve been up for the last ten seconds of each day of this year that will add up to one week’s worth of time before New Years. I might be a little off on the math on that last sentence, but basically I’ve seen the endings and beginnings of too many days to really celebrate a “special” one.

For most this might sound a bit of Grinch-y.
But as you grow up, you realize holidays really are for the kid-minded.
Why not act like everyday is Christmas or Thanksgiving or New Years?
Why wait and anticipate one day?
I always hated that as a child too. Waiting for the clock to turn twelve, as if Santa Claus would snipe me down if I opened them a second before. I must admit, some Christmas’ were great. Most involved no gifts, but instead visiting family. But once again, why wait for the “special” day?

Well, putting my Grinch-iness aside, Happy Holidays to everyone.
Hope you get what you wanted.
Not really.
I hope you get something you need, not want.
Some of you need spelling and grammar lessons.
Not some new Apple product or expensive Nikon camera you really don’t know how to use. But since you spend over three hundred plus, you like calling yourself a photographer.

I guess I am a little Grinch-y.
In that case, I don’t know. I spent about three minutes to come up with a witty remark, but I got nothing. I hope you all get something you enjoy. Remember, not everyone gets a Christmas. Like Seth Cohen.