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Brady celebrating on becoming the fastest QB to win 100 regular-season games.

  • Tom Brady, New England Patriots; 131 games.
  • Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers; 139 games.
  • Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh Steelers; 147 games.
  • Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers; 153 games.
  • Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts; 154 games.

Redemption Week for the New England Patriots.
And they overpay their dues!

Week Four started for the New England Patriots in Oakland, California. Against, no other, than the Oakland Raiders. A team that has surprisingly been playing very physical, productive, and victorious football lately. With both teams having only one loss to, coincidentally, the Buffalo Bills. Both games being a lucky break for the Bills with game ending field goals. But continuing on, today’s game can be described very easily when it comes to both teams.

The Patriots:

  1. RAN THE BALL! (Yes, you read that right! Rushing for 183 yards.)
  2. Tom Brady being, well, Tom Brady! (16-30, 226 yards, 2 TDs)
  3. No turnovers. (0-2)

The Raiders:

  1. Penalties against themselves. (9 for 85 yards.)
  2. Turnovers. (2-0)
  3. Losing the little momentum they had.

Now, note; The Raiders last week ran for over 230 yards against the Jets. The most any team has ever done since Coach Rex Ryan took over the team in 2009. (The Jets, who have a very respectable defense in all the NFL! And might I add, is in the same division with the Patriots. As well as their next opponent in Week Five.) But today, Oakland ran for only 160 yards against New England, who has, well… one of the league’s worst ranked defenses. Penalties were one HUGE factor that hurt Oakland’s chances of keeping control of the time, the ball, and the outcome of the game. With constant flags being thrown for penalties that could have easily been avoided. Richard Seymour (an Ex-Patriot) alone was flagged for two stupid "errors" that resulted in over 30 yards. It’s a game the Raiders could have won if they kept the pressure they had on Brady, make him get no rhythm, not have turned over the ball, and stopped getting flagged.

The Patriots
, on the other hand, did the exact opposite of what they usually do. When you have a quarterback like Tom Brady, running the ball isn’t your only option. But yes, it’s necessary to know how to run the ball. And in the past, that hasn’t been one of New England’s strongest points. In their last three games combined, they’ve ran for a little over 100 yards. But today, New England was adding to the Rushing Stats. With BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Stevan Ridley each running for over 70 yards and each getting a touchdown. All while making it look more than easy. Of course, Tom Brady played a great game as always. But when it comes to the regular standards of Brady though, today wasn’t one of his best. He completed only half his passes and only threw two touchdowns. Usually, we are used to seeing ourselves surprised by Brady breaking another record of sorts. But now that I recall, today we did as well! Surpassing his idol, Joe Montana, to become the ninth quarterback in NFL history with the most touchdowns. (Brady, 274. Montana, 273.) Let’s not forget Wes Welker having another amazing game with two touchdowns! And Chad OchoCinco having two receptions for 26 yards. (With another reception taken back due to a New England Penalty.) But now, onto the Pats defense… In which they played….. horribly. Let’s admit it. Numerous plays went on longer than they should have. All due to poor defending, blocking, and lack of attention. But both Patrick Chung and Vince Wilfork redeemed the defense by getting crucial interceptions. In the end, the Patriots played well. The offense played incredible on all levels! The defense did better than last week! And in all, the Patriots go into Week Five second in their division. With the Jets being New England’s next opponent, they have an opportunity to clench first place in the A.F.C. East.

Here’s to today’s victory and an optimistic mind for next week!