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Don’t strive for greatness.
But perfection.

Why do I have three Super Bowl rings and… and still think there’s something greater out there for me? It’s got to be more than this… I always want to feel like I’m the best quarterback for this team. I want to earn it. Every single day.

After a Tom Brady punt for 36 yards, marked down at the one yard line, Dolphin QB Jay Fielder gets intercepted by Tedy Bruschi. Returning it five yards for the touchdown. Giving the Patriots a shutout win of 12-0. Making them AFC East Champions of 2003. Going on to win their second Super Bowl in two years.

Let’s make it four in eleven years, fellas! 

The New England Patriots are famously known for making football players. Not quarterbacks, not linebackers, not wide receivers, but football players. Mike Vrabel, Troy Brown, Julian Edelman, Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez. They all can do more than one job. And when you DO YOUR JOB, you win championships! Brady to Vrabel gives the Pats the lead to go on and win Super Bowl 38! 

All the way for MHK! 


It’s 17-17. Well, my first thing is I go up to Charlie (Weis. Former Offensive Coordinator.) I say “What are we doing?" and he says "We’re going." So I say "Alright, what’s the first play?" And Charlie says "I’m sure Bill (Coach Belichick) said this here, You better take care of that ball.’” So Charlie yells at me (before going back onto the field.) He says “Hey, Take care of that ball!" And Drew (Bledsoe) was kind standing next to me and he kinda just shuffles in front of that and says “Fuck that! Go out there and sling it!

-Tom Brady on the game-winning drive for Super Bowl 36. Ten years later, Brady might be on his way to winning Super Bowl 46!

With a win against the Buffalo Bills, 49-21, the New England Patriots clinch Home-Field Advantage throughout the playoffs.

Brady also ends the season Second All-Time Leader for Passing Yards in a Single Season in NFL History, throwing for 5,234 yards. New England enters the playoffs with an eight-game winning streak.

The road to the Super Bowl in the AFC goes through Foxborough! 

Close. And yes, they got the cigar.

The New England Patriots win over the Green Bay Packers in a game that has no great importance, except another win to add up for a better record for playoff contingency. Most claimed the Pats would easily demolish the Packers, after Green bay suffered a humiliating 7-3 loss to Detroit last week. But it prove to be different. No, this week instead the rookies once more stepped up to the plate with a surprising help by a big fella to help New England pull off a last second win. 

New England Cornerback Kyle Arrington picks off Green Bay quarterback Matt Flynn. And with just a shy short of thirty yards from the end-zone, makes his interception into a picksix.

And out of nowhere! Dan Connolly, a New England Guard and slightly big man, runs a kickoff return for 71 yards. The longest run by a guard in NFL History! And simply an amazing “season best” play.
(Reaction to the Connolly run.)

Now I must admit. Tom Brady did not do much in the game. He and the rest of the New England offense basically stood out on the sideline the entire third quarter, (due to a ten minute Green Bay possession.) But he did help the team and he played great as always. (Also breaking the NFL record for most single season pass attempts without an interception, “268.”) But tonight, he wasn’t the one in the spotlight. Instead like I said, those New England rookies!

Plays before the end of the game, rookie Dane Fletcher sacks Matt Flynn for a loss of four yards. Which basically ended any type of rhythm the Packer offense had. And on the final play, it showed how inexperienced Matt Flynn was. With around 30 seconds left in the game, on fourth down, Green Bay couldn’t spike the ball and was out of timeouts, a confused rookie (first game start) QB Flynn barely snaps the ball without a play, only to be sacked by Tully Banta-Cain just seconds after, (who redeemed himself after he cost New England a game-winning interception just plays earlier,ending the game and sealing a New England win. Who advances to 12-2 and first in the AFC. 

Yet, I have to give credit to Matt Flynn. He’s only the third starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers since 1992. Brett Favre started after an injury of then starting QB Don Majkowski. And the rest was Green Bay History. 17 years later, Brett Favre announces he’s retiring. Only to unretire and joined the New York Jets just weeks later. By then, the Packers had named Aaron Rodgers the starting QB and he’s been so since 2008. But with a concussion last week at Detroit, it was Matt Flynn who would take on the New England Patriots. Now, after the little history talk. The way Matt Flynn played today seemed like a young Brett Farve, with the skill of a young (and underrated) Tom Brady. He ended the game with better statistics than Brady and seemed comfortable playing the number one team in the NFL. In all, he might be the new diamond in the rough. And it’s something I have to include.

But when the night ends and the lights are turned off.
The New England Patriots just gets one win closer to the Super Bowl!

New England won!

The Patriots have now clinched a playoff birth!

And at the rate they are playing, they’ll easily have the first seed in the AFC by the end of the season.
And truth be told, there isn’t a worthy team that will possibly go into playoffs as well that New England has beaten. In this year alone, They’ve beaten the Ravens, Steelers, Jets, Chargers, Colts, and now the Bears. The usual routine when the Patriots seek a Super Bowl appearance. I only list one team from the NFC because let’s be honest, the NFC has no dominant teams at the moment. Except maybe Philadelphia, but they gave the Pats their third Super Bowl win back in 2004. It’s inevitable to say that you don’t see New England in the Super Bowl come February. And if so, then let me proudly note! In this decade, the Patriots participated in five Super Bowls. What better team to end the decade, then the dynasty of it? ;)

The New England Patriots beat the Minnesota Vikings improving to 6-1.Officially the number one team in the NFL.Predicted to be a mediocre team in the beginning of this season, cause of their  young defense and mid-season changes.My response? Don’t underestimate the team who has won the most Super Bowls this decade.Super Bowl Bound, most definitely.What better team to end the decade than the dynasty team of the 2000’s? ;)

The New England Patriots beat the Minnesota Vikings improving to 6-1.
Officially the number one team in the NFL.
Predicted to be a mediocre team in the beginning of this season, cause of their  young defense and mid-season changes.
My response? Don’t underestimate the team who has won the most Super Bowls this decade.
Super Bowl Bound, most definitely.
What better team to end the decade than the dynasty team of the 2000’s? ;)