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This whole Randy Moss/Minnesota Vikings/New England Patriots trade/not happy team player/ whatever the fuck it really is, is like a really bad episode of some teenage soap opera.

If you’re not a New England Patriots fan or a Minnesota Vikings fan or even a football fan in general. Let me fill you in with the situation on hand.

The Italics is the teenage soap opera situation.
The Bold is the actual situation.

Brady break up with Moss four weeks ago.
The New England Patriots trade Randy Moss.

Moss doesn’t care, goes back to old boyfriend in Minnesota.
Randy Moss doesn’t care about the fact that he is traded by the Patriots. And is actual happy at the fact that he was traded to his original team, the Minnesota Vikings.

Tom moves on, goes off to have himself a good time, even after everyone says he’ll miss Moss. Instead Tom hangs out old friend, Deion Branch and eventually has more fun than before.
Patriots keep playing (great, if I may add) without Moss. Even after they’re critize for their mid-season trade of Moss. Saying that New England will miss Moss later. Instead they acquire Deion Branch, a previous Patriot and by the time they meet up with Moss again, they’re the number one team in the NFL.

Meanwhile, Randy says he’s happy. But as the weeks go by, he acts more and more careless. Doesn’t seem happy where he ended up.
Randy says he’s glad to be playing for Minnesota. But he plays mediocre. With the same attitude he always plays with when he isn’t happy with his team.

Randy still misses New England.

Football fan or not, this is just too crazy to believe is happening.
For the record, I’m a New England Patriots fan and I hope we get Randy Back.
Because if we do, that not only ensures a clean road to the Super Bowl, we also basically stole a third round pick from Minnesota, acquired another great player (Deion Branch) and proves that Bill Belichick is a genius coach! And also the greatest coach of all time. Which he always was, but it proves the point even more.