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This pretty much sums up the New York Jets.

This pretty much sums up the New York Jets.

After a Tom Brady punt for 36 yards, marked down at the one yard line, Dolphin QB Jay Fielder gets intercepted by Tedy Bruschi. Returning it five yards for the touchdown. Giving the Patriots a shutout win of 12-0. Making them AFC East Champions of 2003. Going on to win their second Super Bowl in two years.

Let’s make it four in eleven years, fellas! 

AMAZING way for Tom (Truly) “Terrific” Brady & the New England Patriots to start the season!!!!

Brady threw for 517 yards, 4 touchdowns! With one interception… But it was his first in over 300 completions!
Wes Welker, 2 touchdowns! One, a 99 yard-er! ;)
Brady throwing to eight different receivers!
Patriot Defense dominated Miami on the goal line.
Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth made an incredible impact!
And the defense ended the game with a Henne interception!
The Patriots all played!

Miami on the other hand was basically a Henne/Bush/Marshall game. :p

Can anyone say Patriots Super Bowl Win?