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This pretty much sums up the New York Jets.

This pretty much sums up the New York Jets.

Week Ten for the New England Patriots was in enemy territory against their divisional rivals, the New York Jets!

An exciting game, due to many reasons! New England had been on a two week losing streak, which is a shock to say when talking about the Patriots. New York, on the other hand, had been playing great. Coming in with a three game winning streak. Playing at home, in which the Patriots haven’t beaten the Jets yet since Mark Sanchez took the roll of starting quarterback. And to top it off, the game would give the winner the title of first place in the AFC East.

What seemed to be a very, very difficult game for the Pats turned out to be a gentle, calm, and well-played game. Starting with an amazing offensive performance, which that isn’t a shock to say. Rob Gronkowski having another monster game, with two touchdowns. Tom Brady playing another great game. Completing 26 passes out of 39 attempts for 329 yards and three touchdowns, with a passer rating of 118.4. The shock of this would easily have to be Brady’s longest pass of the game. For 54 yards. Not that impressive, if it were to Welker or Branch, but it was to Ochocinco! Showing that the two are finally starting to have some sort of rhythm.

(And let’s add the fact that Brady broke a few more records. Brady and Belichick surpass Marino and Shula for most wins as starting quarterback/head coach pair in NFL history with 117 wins. Brady also ties Joe Montana for 40 games with over +300 yards. Becoming eighth in NFL history. And finally becoming the second player in NFL history to throw for 3,000 yards in only ten games. Joining Drew Brees, who just joined as well earlier this season.)

And surprisingly, New England’s defense had a pretty good, if not, great game! Even though they had a ton of injuries on their secondary. Basically being forced to play a game with players most of the country had never heard of. They refuse to give the Jets offense an easy time with anything. Andre Carter sacking Sanchez four times, two being back to back! Rob Ninkovich picking off Sanchez twice, one for a touchdown return! A fumble on a punt. New England was playing smooth.

The game at first seemed to be a Jets game, even if the Patriots were the ones winning with only two field goals. But the momentum of the game belonged to the Jets. You can just feel it when you’re watching players on the field. Who seems more comfortable, who seems more refreshed, excited to play. But with a Sanchez mistake, calling a timeout with around 1:20 to go before the half, he left Brady plenty of time to work with. Which Brady proved to make great use of, throwing for a Gronkowski touchdown. Extending the lead to make it 13-9, and going into the locker room with the momentum. From there, the game was wrapped.

See, that’s the thing with the Patriots. You don’t make mistakes with them. They, I guarantee you, will always exploit it. From turnovers, to penalties, momentum changes. They use everything and anything they can. And they make it a success. In all, New England played an amazing game. They redeemed themselves from the last two weeks. It’s impossible for New England to have a three game losing streak. (Which by the way, hasn’t occurred since 2002. And since 2002, they’ve only had three two game losing streaks.) New England doesn’t lose on purpose. They don’t shoot themselves in the foot because of lack of motivation. Every team loses from time to time. But not like New England. They don’t make it a business to kept a streak that isn’t fun to hold. And today they proved that they were down, but always rise back up. Stronger than before.

With the Patriots now, statistically, having the easiest schedule left, I don’t think New England plans on losing anytime soon. If not for the rest of the season. This is a team that wants to show the NFL that it is still a juggernaut, a force to be feared and respected, a Super Bowl team.

Wow. Jets.
I can talk all I want about a New York team that brags way to much even though they play in New Jersey. But wow. Mark Sanchez is living up to USC name. Make skeptics into believers every week.

Now, the war of 1812!
Peyton Manning.
Tom Brady.
Lets go New England!