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Amazingly creative, but creepy and I hate Facebook. But seriously just awesome.

World In Words.

World In Words.

More pillows!

(Click on the link for more info.)

The Alarm Pillow. Personally, don’t need but want one! Tech geek talking there.

iSleep. If the cord was long enough, I would buy one. Listening to music from my bed to my computer gets too loud that it turns uncomfortable. And earphones after awhile hurt.

Pizza pillow. Enough said.

The Notebook Pillow. For those tearful nights you wish you had your own Noah.

The “offer you couldn’t refuse” pillow. Big Godfather fan. So easily, I’m buying.

The Book pillow. Loved it the moment I found this and bought it. Love it! Only I use it! Anyone else ends up like the horse above.

Blood spatter pillow.

I need one.

Bullet For My Valentine?

Best Macbook Designs.

Iron Man

Snow White

Nirvana’s Nevermind Cover with young Bart

Apple bites

Street Fighter

Apple PI


Young Steve Jobs

Patrick Bateman meet Dexter Morgan.

Patrick Bateman meet Dexter Morgan.

"Make your own roads."

"Make your own roads."

I fell in love with this.

I fell in love with this.