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Brady celebrating on becoming the fastest QB to win 100 regular-season games.

  • Tom Brady, New England Patriots; 131 games.
  • Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers; 139 games.
  • Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh Steelers; 147 games.
  • Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers; 153 games.
  • Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts; 154 games.

The New England Patriots are famously known for making football players. Not quarterbacks, not linebackers, not wide receivers, but football players. Mike Vrabel, Troy Brown, Julian Edelman, Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez. They all can do more than one job. And when you DO YOUR JOB, you win championships! Brady to Vrabel gives the Pats the lead to go on and win Super Bowl 38! 

All the way for MHK! 

Best Gronk moments in the AFC Championship!

It’s 17-17. Well, my first thing is I go up to Charlie (Weis. Former Offensive Coordinator.) I say “What are we doing?" and he says "We’re going." So I say "Alright, what’s the first play?" And Charlie says "I’m sure Bill (Coach Belichick) said this here, You better take care of that ball.’” So Charlie yells at me (before going back onto the field.) He says “Hey, Take care of that ball!" And Drew (Bledsoe) was kind standing next to me and he kinda just shuffles in front of that and says “Fuck that! Go out there and sling it!

-Tom Brady on the game-winning drive for Super Bowl 36. Ten years later, Brady might be on his way to winning Super Bowl 46!

In other late or early news, (depending on how you sleep or where you are in the world.) Rumors are turning out to be true. Randy Moss, the Wide Receiver for The New England Patriots for the past three years, is likely to be traded to the Minnesota Vikings for a 3rd round pick in 2011. Bill Belichick is infamously known amongst players in the NFL to “get rid” of players who no longer seem promising to the Patriots in any way. Many who have been through this have commented by saying, “Belichick uses you. When you’re doing good, when you still have some talent in you. No problem. But the moment your shine fades, you’re out of there. Just like that.” Moss has brought tremendous success to, not only The New England Patriots, but to individual players.

Most famously, Tom Brady, back in 2007. Together they broke numerous records together. Most well known, Tom Brady’s amazing record setting “50 touchdowns in one season” (Not including post-season.) 23 of those touchdowns belonging to Randy Moss, making another record for most touchdowns by a wide receiver in one season, not including post-season as well.

In reality, this is good trade. Business wise. Moss is 33 years old. And didn’t have any receptions on the Monday night game versus The Dolphins. Many have been speculating his time was done in New England, as his contract is also complete by the end of this year. But personally, it’s sad seeing player who more than helped this organization in all ways possible to leave. Like Tom Hagan said, “It’s not personal, just business.” The positive thing about this trade is that Randy Moss will most likely eventually retire a Viking. His first NFL team. The trade is set to be completed by this Wednesday. And with that said, I say two things;

  • I had no clue I was an amateur sports columnist.
  • And thank you Randy for the three great years.