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Cute kid. [Video]


Steve Gregory picks off Joe Flacco!

Steve Gregory picks off Joe Flacco!

Brady is the most successful underdog in NFL History.

Top 100 players in NFL; #1 | #12, Tom Brady. QB, New England Patriots.

"Tom Brady being #1? I wouldn’t disagree at all. I think he’s worked his way to earn that spot —- It’s a chess match! Because he understands every coverage. He understands every defense. And if you give it away too early, then the game is like checkers then for him. He plays it like he wants to play! And that’s what makes it frustrating playing against him because he always finds a way of finding those mismatches, one way or another."

-Ray Lewis on Tom Brady for #1 player currently in the NFL.

New England won!

The Patriots have now clinched a playoff birth!

And at the rate they are playing, they’ll easily have the first seed in the AFC by the end of the season.
And truth be told, there isn’t a worthy team that will possibly go into playoffs as well that New England has beaten. In this year alone, They’ve beaten the Ravens, Steelers, Jets, Chargers, Colts, and now the Bears. The usual routine when the Patriots seek a Super Bowl appearance. I only list one team from the NFC because let’s be honest, the NFC has no dominant teams at the moment. Except maybe Philadelphia, but they gave the Pats their third Super Bowl win back in 2004. It’s inevitable to say that you don’t see New England in the Super Bowl come February. And if so, then let me proudly note! In this decade, the Patriots participated in five Super Bowls. What better team to end the decade, then the dynasty of it? ;)