A mere 50 years ago, 40 years ago, 30 years ago if you held signs like the ones being demonstrated for the Occupy Project, you would be seen as a Communist. But times have changed drastically, and it’s a bit ironic that we are looking like type of change our parents’ leaders in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s were trying to prevent in America. To prevent its citizens from saying that our government isn’t working, to some extent. It’s not that we are acting like Communists, or committing treason, or want to abolish our current government.
But the Other 99% are just people who want a change!


For the life of me, I don’t really know. There isn’t a leader, or an organizer. No major structure, or direct message or request of any kind. Political or otherwise. The Project is simply seen as a type of anti-capitalist movement in America. And though it seems direct enough, in-between reporters have gotten interviews from activists protesting a number of things. LGBT Rights, Animal Rights, the economy, some just want to be part of major protest as a type of cross off the bucket list moment. Some are saying the main point is to have to have President Obama separate money from politics. And start a new agenda for America.

But from what I’m seeing, the majority are fighting, not necessarily Wall Street, but the fact that Americans aren’t treated equally economically. Especially in some of the toughest times that America has faced with its economy. Surely, nothing like the Great Depression. But where the DOW Jones going down 200, 300, 400 points on a daily basis, losing millions of dollars, is seen as a normal thing. Where 5%, 7%, 9% of unemployment is seen as a normal thing. Where knowing, not one or two, but a handful of friends who’ve lost their homes, due to foreclosure, is seen as a normal thing. Where students are in more debt, before they even graduate from college, than their parents have accumulated in their total lives is seen as a normal thing. Where not knowing where the next paycheck is coming from is seen as a normal thing. And it has become such a normal thing that we don’t pay as much attention to it as we use to. They pass stories on the news about struggling families, but that’s all it is, a story on the news. This is what the Occupy Project wants to change! It’s not about, “HEY! It’s not fair Wall Street Fat Cats get to live comfortably, I want to be insanely rich too!” But about, “How is it possible that there are people (who already have immense wealth) who are making millions, if not billions, in an economy like this. YET, I CAN NOT FIND A JOB?! WHAT IS WRONG HERE?!

Yes, it isn’t fair that we live in a country where a few affect the outcome of most. But that is what the Project is about! Not a free giveaway of money. But a change when it comes to the ways of making it!

Put politicians & CEO’s on minimum wage and watch how fast things change.

The Occupy Project isn’t a violent takeover. Quite the opposite, it’s just people who want to make getting by and living a comfortable life a reality again! And now, with the Project spreading to most major U.S. cities, it’s getting interest from all! Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boise, Portland, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Denver, Cleveland, Nashville, Baltimore, Minnesota, Atlanta, Buffalo, and of course, New York City. 70 major cities. Even going overseas to major European cities like London & Rome. The OCCUPY PROJECT will succeed! Because if history has taught us anything, it’s that change comes in whatever form the asking wishes for if they truly put their minds, their strength, and most importantly, their voices together.