It is currently 7:26 in the morning as I start this post, and I just finished watching "Friends With Benefits." Yes, I have no life. Anyways, let’s start.

Friends With Benefits (2011)
Directed by Will Gluck.
Starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.
Co-starring Richard Jenkins, Patricia Clarkson, and Woody Harrelson.
Cameos include Andy Samberg, Emma Stone, Shawn White, Jason Segel, and Rashida Jones.

Sam“I like Jamie. And she’s pretty too.”
Dylan: “Hey, easy, dude. Don’t you go and cast a spell on her.”
Sam“I’m a magician, not a wizard. You and your gay Harry Potter.”
Dylan“You can’t deny that going to Hogwarts wouldn’t be life changing!”

This film was absolutely hilarious for two major reasons; 1.) It was a Hollywood Cliché itself, even as it continuously kept saying in the film that they hated. And 2.) It was a genuine sarcastic, witty, dramatic enough to keep the audience settled, romantic comedy. Which I’m a huge fan of, and I get enough shit from my friends for liking those… So no need to add more salt on my wounds. Anyways! The film was fun. Simple as that. When I watch a film, that’s what I want, whatever the genre. Horror, comedy, drama, sci-fi, family, documentary. I want to say that it wasn’t a waste of my time. Just as the film said, once more, cuing “Soul Sister” at the end to ensure to me that I did. Another cliché. Even though I despise that fucking song. *blinks.* But none the less, it was a good film.

I loved how well the movie played with cameos! It was incredibly awesome to see how many stars participated in the film. Richard Jenkins showed us his usual charming swag. Woody Harrelson was a major surprise! Everything he said was a riot for my lungs! Amazing to see him act as a very gay man. Obviously, it was joke, but still shows how talented he is. The movie also had many sneak-ins. One of my favorites being when Mila Kunis’ character “Jamie” is picking up Justin Timberlake’s character “Dylan” from the airport. She uses a sign from a previous driver who was picking up “O. Penderghast.” Will Gluck , the director of “Easy A,” added this little joke. Being as Olive Penderghast was the main character of his last film. Emma Stone also appears in the beginning of the film as Dylan’s girlfriend. And no name is ever given, so many are wondering if there was a connection between the two films. The clichés used in the film were very clever. The typical friendship of boy and girl. Sex, sex, sex. Comedy in the bedroom. Dramatic in-between fight that sets the make-up between the two. And of course, the incredibly impossible scenario where the boy gets the girl back by doing something so utterly sweet that she forgives and takes him back the second she sees him. All in all, it’s a cute film, with two very attractive stars. One of those films where if you are watching it with someone you’re… close with, it’ll set the mood for… imitation. Definitely one for the shelves if you’re a fan of overly cute shit. *No blink cause I’m okay with that word.*

It is currently 9:20 in the morning as I finish this post. Yes, I have no life.

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